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Trust us for buying Orthopedic Splint, Orthopedic Casting Tape, Dental Light & Tarine, as we maintain a stock in factory and are capable of making quick deliveries with quality guaranteed..
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About Us

Chongqing Tianbang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a Chongqing city, China based firm that was established in 2010 and over the past eight years has grown into a reliable distributor that stand for a number of prestigious manufactures of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and medical equipments like Orthopedic Splint, Orthopedic Casting Tape, Dental Light & Tarine etc.. We have formed a wide line of firm relation with clinical divisions in china. With years of expertise, we are able to provide extensive contract development and manufacturing services all around the globe. These includes a broad range of dental operation, medical equipment, pharmaceutical and other specialized industrial that are well-qualified FDA and CE license.

Most Popular Products

Chongqing Tianbang Chemical Co., Ltd. is conscious of the requirement to meet its responsibilities under any agreement with the customer to generate the desired outcome in a planned, systematic solution oriented, cost effective and legal manner. Besides, also for considering economy, assess, risks and opportunities in the execution of the company's duties. This unique policy is highly beneficial for us as well as for our customers through intensifying their satisfaction that leads to the growth in existing markets. Further, we are also committed to deliver unparallelled quality products and services that complies statutory, regulatory & contractual needs and also for delivering timely pre & post order service to our valued patrons. Apart from this, our staff members are diligent as well as highly qualified and we also offer several motivational & training seminars for intensifying their skills. Moreover, management takes full responsibility for the potency of the quality governance system and it is also sworn to ensuring that quality goods, services and integrity that stay the base of our mission.

Some Major Clients

Our offered chemicals are used by many clients, some of them are importers, traders, wholesalers and manufacturers. We have listed the entire list below:

  • Medical devices importers
  • Public or private hospitals
  • Regional agents
  • Medical devices wholesalers
  • Medical Logistics distributor

Industrial Applications

Here we have mentioned a number of industrial applications the offered chemicals are apt for:

  • Department of orthopedics operation or fracture fixation
  • Department of general surgery operation or fracture fixation
  • Department of dental operation or lighting
  • Energy drinks as raw materials
  • Health care medicine as raw materials

Orthopedic Splint
Orthopedic Splint
Orthopedic Casting Tape
Orthopedic Casting Tape
KN95 Face Mask
KN95 Face Mask
Fiberglass Splint
Fiberglass Splint